Easy Heart Shaped Braid For Kids

Easy Heart Shaped Braid For Kids
Easy Heart Shaped Braid For Kids

Especially, braid hairstyles which shaped like heart or even rose are really cool in 2018. Therefore, we took a hairstyle tutorial for followers. So all credit goes to abeautifulmess.com

1. Begin with a center part, adding loose texture throughout the hair using a wand or smoothing iron.

2. Section a heart shape at the high point of the head—or wherever you’d like to see the finished look live. No need to section out the point of the heart shape, just the two arches towards the top!

3. Take a small section of hair above where the two arches meet on either side and part into three strands that you will use to begin your first braid.

4. Begin a Dutch braid, adding to it only from the side closest to the face on top of the head from the part. Follow the curved arch shape previously sectioned.

5. Towards the end of the arch, or wherever you’d like to begin the edge of the heart into the point, continue into a basic three-strand braid without collecting any hair. Once the braid is long enough to complete one half of the heart shape, secure with an elastic.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 on opposite side to form the other side of the heart!

7. After each braid is secured, one at a time, hold the end of the braid and pull each loop out slightly to expand the shape of the braid and add fullness.

8. Attach the braids together using an elastic. If you choose to remove the previous elastics, you can!

9. Take a small strand from the ponytail created by attaching both braids together. Use it to wrap around and hide the elastic band. You can secure with another elastic. Pull the ponytail apart to push up the second elastic band to hide and secure.

10. Use your favorite hairspray to set your heart braid in place and go show it off!

Credits // Author: Erin Wheaton. Photography: Elise Abigail Randolph. (And hair model: Emma Chapman ? Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

Source: abeautifulmess.com


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