Best 50 Elegant & Cute Platinum Blonde Hairstyles in 2018

Best 50 Elegant & Cute Platinum Blonde Hairstyles in 2018
Best 50 Elegant & Cute Platinum Blonde Hairstyles in 2018

Platinum blonde hair is really popular in 2018 just because the fact of natural blonde hair is extremely uncommon. Therefore, ladies need just like that much unique, this means having blonde hair such as an ash blonde or a platinum color, creates a very unique and amazing look. This is something really desired in high fashion circles due to elegant choice. Therefore, here is the gallery prepared for our lovely audience about platinum blonde hair.

Loose waves and Elegant Braids

Straight, Silky, and Full of Shine

A Splash of Color and Fun

White Blonde and Unique Braids

Golden Platinum with Volumizing Layers

Bold Dark Roots and Platinum Ends

[td_smart_list_end]Soft Ombre with Beach Waves

Ash Blonde with Silver Undertones

Dimensional Platinum with Lowlight and Highlights

Bright and Unique White Blonde

Light Ash Blonde with Cooler Tones

Darker Platinum with Golden Undertones

Cute Waves with Dimensional Platinum

Versatile Light Ash Blonde

High Fashion Light Platinum

Edgy Bob with Bright Platinum

White Blonde with Layered Waves

Fishtail Braids to Show off Color

Ice Blonde with Beach Waves

Elegant and Sophisticated Braided UpdoNeutral Blonde with Cool and Warm Tones

Subtle Ombre with Dark Ash Blonde

Edgy Cut with Silvery Blonde

Ice Blonde Shows off Shine

Loose Braids and Elegant Waves

Short Waves and Soft Ombre

Bright Blonde with Framing Layers

Loose Braid is Elegant or Casual

Dark Roots and Soft Ombre

Rosy Blonde and Beach Waves

Cute Hairstyle for Casual or Formal

Silver Tones and Curly Waves

Darker Ash Blonde with Highlights

Long Waves and Ash Tones

Darker Platinum with Golden Undertones

Bold Ombre for an Edgy Look

Classic Platinum with Fun Waves

Silky Waves and Golden Blonde

High Fashion Pure White Blonde

Subtle Ombre with Loose Waves

Ash Blonde with Layers and Highlights

Long Layers and Classic Color

Waves to Show Off Shimmering Color

Layered Bob with Dimensional Platinum

Subtle Ombre with Silver Undertones

Dramatic Ombre with Golden Platinum

Silky Straight Hairstyle with Bright Platinum

Edgy Dark Roots with Light Ash Ends

Light Silver to Highlight Curls

Classic Platinum with Beach Waves


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