Appealing Short Hairstyle Ideas with Loose Curls

2016 Short Hair
      • Wavy hairstyles and loose curls are very popular recent days and you can sport this gorgeous hairstyle with short haircuts too!

Wavy hairstyles and loose curls are very popular recent days and you can sport this gorgeous hairstyle with short haircuts too!

Waves and loose curls look really nice on short to medium haircuts we call long bob but you can create really nice and stylish looks with pixie-bob haircuts and short bob hairstyles. Updo and half updo styles are also can be styled with loose curls. Updo hairstyles with loose curls are perfect hair idea for special events like weddings and proms. To create messy waves make sure to use texturizing hair products like dry shampoo then style your hair after that apply sea salt spray or hair mousse to complete the look. If you have layered short hair it would be much more easy to style your hair into gorgeous waves.  Choppy layering is suitable for wavy hair, this way you can easily emphasize the wavy style of your hair.Let’s take a look at these gorgeous wavy hairstyle ideas that will make you look much more fresh, chic and stylish.

1. New Loose Curls for Short to Mid Hair

Loose curls make a great statement of caramel highlights on this angled bob hairstyle with light layering.


2. Loose Curls Updo

Updo styles with loose curls are one of the most preferred hairstyles for special events, they are suitable for both weddings and proms.

2016 Short Hair

3. Balayage Short Hair Bob

Here is an ombre balayage short bob hairstyle with loose curls that add a nice texture and volume to the hair.

Short Hair

Let’s take a look at other hairstyle ideas:

4. White Blonde Short Hair

Short Hair 2016

5. Lovely Curls

Short Hair 2016

6- Twisted Bangs

2016 Short Hair - 6

7- Medium Length Hair

2016 Short Hair - 7

8- Loose Perm Curls

2016 Short Hair - 8

9- Cool Toned

2016 Short Hair - 9

10- Messy Look

2016 Short Hair - 10

11- Mollie King

2016 Short Hair - 11

12- Quick Curly Short Hair

2016 Short Hair - 12

13- Best Short Hair

2016 Short Hair - 13

14- Perfect Loose Curls

2016 Short Hair - 14

15- Jeny Mccarthy

2016 Short Hair - 15

16- Cool Style

2016 Short Hair - 16

17- Anne Hathaway Hair

2016 Short Hair - 17

18- Hairstyle With Curls

2016 Short Hair - 18

19- Short Bobbed Hair

2016 Short Hair - 19

20- Lowlights And Highlights

2016 Short Hair - 20

21- Crop Chop The Bob

2016 Short Hair - 21

22- Side Swept

2016 Short Hair - 22

23- Caitlin Stasey

2016 Short Hair - 23

24- Blonde Bob

2016 Short Hair - 24

25- Emma Stone

2016 Short Hair - 25

26- Fine Curls

2016 Short Hair - 26

27- Red Violet Ombre

2016 Short Hair - 27

28- Formal Style

2016 Short Hair - 28

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