30 Popular & Magical Mermaid Hair Ideas For 2018 Summer

30 Popular & Magical Mermaid Hair Ideas For 2018 Summer
30 Popular & Magical Mermaid Hair Ideas For 2018 Summer

Stunningly styled and colored mermaid hair ideas listed below that ready to make any girl princess. Here are some ideas from the beachy waves to fishtail braids, pastel ombre, and rainbow streaks. Even with short hair you can use one of these mermaid color trends. Pink Braided Updo with Loose Ballerina Bun

Short Hair with Fish Scales Undercut

Long Fishtail Braid with Teal Hair

Blue Ombre Hair in Carefree Waves

Teal Hair Dye for Dark Hair Colors

Green and Blue with Purple Highlights

Bright Pink Twisted Braid Updo

Romantic Waves in Pastel Blue Hair

Pastel Rainbow Mermaid Hair Dye

Purple Ombre Hair for Dark Hair Colors

Saturated Turquoise Hair Color with Fish Scales

Saturated Turquoise Hair Color with Fish Scales

Blue Ombre Hair for Dark Hair Colors

Braided and Curled Turquoise Hair

Blue and Platinum Mermaid Hair

Dark Teal Hair in Messy Braid

Dark Teal Hair in Messy Braid

Sleek Blowout on Purple Ombre Hair

Long and Luscious Purple Ombre Hair

Long and Luscious Purple Ombre Hair

Black and Silver Mermaid Hair

Pastel Ombre Rainbow Mermaid Hair

Pink and Platinum Ombre Style

Pink Hair in a Side Braid

 Dark and Dramatic Purple Waves

 Dark and Dramatic Purple Waves

Hot Pink and Blonde Braided Hair

Chin-Length Rainbow Mermaid Bob

Bright and Beautiful Blue Hair

Medium Length Soft Pink Hair

Long and Sleek Pink Mermaid Hair

Purple Highlights with Beachy Braid

Turquoise Ombre for Dark Hair Colors

Pink Hair with Violet Lowlights<

Brilliant Fuchsia Pink Mermaid Hair

Brilliant Fuchsia Pink Mermaid Hair

Not every mermaid has hair down to there. Girls with shoulder-length locks can get in on this fabulous color trend, too. The key is finding your favorite mermaid color. In this example, dark hair goes magical with shades of purple and lavender. The result is a fun aesthetic that’s all mermaid.

Pink, Purple, Blue and Green Hair

Fun and flirty, this style paints hair with a rainbow of mermaid colors. Each shade is vibrant and saturated. Hot pink blends into purple, which gives way to blue and finally leads to green. The ends have just a little color left, giving them a pale green, wispy effect. We love cute easy hairstyles with this color!

Fabulous Fuchsia Pink Ombre Waves

Long, thick hair goes gorgeous with this amazing hair dye. The color is applied over her original dark roots and lightened ends. The effect is a perfect pink ombre that transforms gradually from the deepest fuchsia to the lightest baby pink. The head-turning pink color is best shown off with long layers curled into romantic waves.

Fabulous Fuchsia Pink Ombre Waves

Perfect for fine, thin hair! The style starts with a chin-length inverted bob, with hair slightly shorter in back than front. Two shades of hair dye are applied. Purple on top blends into coral pink on the ends. The hair is then texturized and bent around a flat iron to achieve this casual look.

Long, Thick Dark Purple Hair

Dark, thick hair goes mermaid with this application of rich purple color. Naturally dark hair needs to be lightened first to achieve this look. The purple saturates the hair from roots to tips, with hints of pink at the lightest sections. This fabulous style looks amazing blown out and coated with shine serum, or gathered into a loose French braid.

Silver and Pink Waves for Fine Hair

If you thought you needed extensions to achieve mermaid hair, think again. Even fine, thin hair can look magical with the right cut and color. In this style, cool silver on the top layers blends with pale pink in the rest of the hair. The layered cut is loosely curled with a flat iron to show off the colors.

Purple and Pink Ombre Waves

Dark hair goes mermaid with this incredible color trend. Roots are saturated with deep purple, which transforms along the length of the hair to fuchsia and then candy pink at the ends. This fabulous color would look amazing in any style, but long, loose waves show off the colors best.

Delicate Turquoise Blue and Green Ponytail

This style takes its inspiration from the ocean’s prettiest shades of blue and green. Bright turquoise roots fade into a gentle sea foam green that’s pulled through to the ends. Hair that’s been properly conditioned and thermal-treated will stay healthy and shiny enough to show off in a high ponytail like this.

Fun Pink Ombre with Hair Bow

Mermaids just want to have fun! That’s how you’ll feel in this flirty style. It keeps brunette roots dark, and then transforms lightened ends in a perfect ombre effect from fuchsia to coral to pale pink. Enhance this look by tying hair from the crown into a bow with curled ends dangling.

Fun Pink Ombre with Hair Bow

Like the sea after a storm, this shade of blue is deep and mysterious. Dark hair needs to be lightened before the rich blue shade is applied. The hair is then cut into long layers and styled into loose waves. Add a shine product to enhance the color. The effect is pure mermaid beauty.

Ultra Long Blue Ombre Hair

This mermaid style takes inspiration from the colors of ocean waves and sea foam. Dark roots lighten to blue with pale, almost silver highlights along the length. The ends are the lightest shade of baby blue. It’s important to keep ultra-long hair like this properly conditioned and to use thermal protection products whenever styling.

Ultra Long Blue Ombre Hair

When you can’t choose which mermaid hair color is your favorite, choose them both! This cool look is achieved with hot pink color applied to the top half of the hair, with turquoise taking over at the ends. Long layers are kept loose and given just a little texture with a salt spray. Scrunch while it dries to get this casual, beachy look.

Romantic Pastel Ombre for Mermaids

Soft, delicate, and ultra-feminine, this style is pure mermaid magic. Hair must be lightened to nearly white to begin with. Then, the lightest tints of pink, blue, and green are painted into the strands. A long, simple braid is wrapped around the head and pinned in place to complete this romantic style.

Long Turquoise Ombre Hair with Fishtail

Inspired by the colors of the sea, this beautiful look comes from turquoise hair dye applied to achieve a subtle ombre effect. The result is a long style that goes from a bright shade on top to a soft hue at the ends. Pull hair away from the face and plait into a long fishtail braid that dangles down the back.

Super Short Teal Mermaid Pixie

Even girls with pixie cuts can get in on the mermaid color trend! Super short hair is shaved close in the back and clipped a few inches long on top to create this cool style. Teal hair dye is applied to the longer sections for a dramatic pop of color.

Mermaid hair is a beautiful look for every girl who dreams of looking like she lives under the sea. Shades of pink, blue, teal, turquoise, purple, and silver bring this popular aesthetic to life. Once you find your perfect mermaid color, you will have a lot of great styles to choose from. Many mermaids keep it long and loose, with waves to show off the fabulous colors. Other girls like classic braids, fishtails, buns, and even fish scales shaved above the nape of the neck. However you wear yours, you’ll bring the beauty and magic of the ocean everywhere you go.


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