20 Short Haircuts for Thick Curly Hair

Short Haircut for Thick Curly Hair, Curly Short Hair Hairtyles

As we all know, having long hair thick hair with curls can be very tedious and sometimes painstakingly annoying, too. Well thankfully, there is a lot we can do about it. It does involve chopping your hair short but not to worry. We have for you some of the best Best Short Haircuts for Thick Curly Hair. Let us start it off with the wavy sassy bob. The sassy bob as the name suggests is fully of sass, to say the least. It involves having some elegant swirls and an angled cut elongated right towards the front giving it sass it is known for. If that does not do the trick for you then we have the jaw-length curly messy bob. This cut is great for oval shaped faces and thick curly hair because the jaw length cut creates a halo-like effect along the lines of the face. You can tighten the curls where necessary without much of an effort and hair products. Next up is the nape length ash brown bob. Wavy hairstyles look amazing with people who tend to have thick and curly hair. The key to rocking nape length hair is picking a color that adds to the whole vibe for that one of the best choices would be going for an ash brown and adding slightly lighter shades of brown here and there. The thing about curly hair is that there is a certain elegance to them that straight hair just cannot achieve. One of the cuts that highlights that elegance is a curly brunette bob with bangs. It encourages your curls and makes them stand out. If these do not do the trick then go further and check out more photos of thick short curly hair presented below.

1-Short Haircut for Thick Curly Hair

2-Thick Wavy Hair

Thick Wavy Hair, Wavy Short Thick 20

3-Vintage Bob with Waves

Vintage Bob with Waves, Wavy Short Curly Hair

4-Curly Wavy Hair

Curly Wavy Hair, Pixie Curly Hair Short

5-Pixie-Bob for Thick Curly Hair

Pixie Bob for Thick Curly Hair, Curly Short Hair Bob

6- Thick Pixie Cut

Curly Short Hair Hairtyles

7- Bob with Bangs

Curly Short Hair 2017

8- Cute Curls

Curly Short Hair Thick

9- Curly Medium Bob Cut

Curly Hair Short Thick

10- Bob Haircut

Layered Bob Short Wavy

11- Stacked Bob with Bangs

Curly Short Hair Bob

12- Thick Black Hair

Curly Hair Short Up

13- Curly Hairstyle

Curly Bob Short Bronde

14- Short Curly Hair

Curly Short Hair Women

15- Curly Hair with Bangs

Curly Hair Short All

16- Layered Bob Haircut

Curly Wavy Short Bob

17- Naturally Curly Hair

Curly Hair Curls Naturally

18- Asymmetrical Cut

Curly Hair Short 20

19- Graduated Bob Haircut

Short Shag Bob Hairtyles

20- Mid-length Hair

Curly Short Bob Bronde


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